Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Why is forgiveness so hard sometimes?

God’s word commands us to forgive.   Forgiveness is not just to release the offender from the offence, but to also release us from the hurt, bitterness, ill feelings, hatred, that we carry around.  What do you find as the most challenging aspect about forgiveness? – For me, overcoming the sting of the memory.  It takes a while for the sting to go away, but the freshness of the offence makes it very difficult. What makes it hard too?   If that person is a part of my daily life.  Now talk about finding STRENGTH to have to deal with them on a regular basis. That’s when I really have to dig deep and rely on my faith in Jesus to help me to walk in love.  It’s definitely a process; sometimes it really feels like I have an angel on my right shoulder and the devil on my left.  And the devil does win sometimes and that person will know just how I REALLY feel about what they did.  But I am thankful that the love of God is planted within me and I eventually do the right thing, even when my flesh doesn’t want to.  What a relief it is though not to carry that hurt around, it’s so worth that uncomfortable stage of forgiveness in the beginning. 

Read a passage about forgiveness here:

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

How am I adding blogging to my already CrEaTiVe schedule?

Yeah, I prefer the word creative rather than hectic schedule because with three kids a husband and doing administrative work for two small businesses I have to be creative in managing my time. Plus I HAVE to cram in something I enjoy doing in the loop or else I will be loopy. That was corny wasn’t it? But I couldn’t resist putting loopy in there (laughing to myself). But yes, with all I have to do on my daily schedule finding some me time is essential. Plus writing is very calming for me. It helps me clear my mind and vent on paper if I have too. Thus blogging is a well needed item to my “to do list”. What do you do for “me time” which is essential to your day? If you don't have any "me time" I suggest you start adding it to your schedule any chance you get.  Even 15 minutes to yourself can do wonders in recharging your mind and body if you are constantly on the go.

Monday, February 11, 2013

What's for dinner this week?

What’s for dinner this week?
For 7 months now I have been faithful in planning my family’s weekly meals. I NEVER thought I would have made it one week, let alone 7 months but it is quite beneficial. For one MAJOR reason, it saves us a lot of money. We use to eat out about four times a week on top of spending money weekly on groceries, so you can see we were WASTING money. Don’t get me wrong it is not easy every night cooking dinner – I have three young kids, I work doing admin for my personal business and another business. Drop offs/pickups, homework, afterschool activities, and errands makes running to a fast food joint very appealing and it’s so, so convenient. But it’s not worth throwing my hard earned money down the drain. A home cooked meal can average $2 a person if you plan/shop right versus eating out at an average of $7 a person on the low side. And guess what I am doing with all that money I save from not eating out? I apply it to paying off debt. I don’t know about you, but being debt free is a dream I plan to make a reality. So this is one of the ways that will help me get there.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Valentine's Day is for singles too!

Valentine's Day is for singles too! It's a day to openly express love, so it doesn't have to be limited to couples only. Instead of spending money on flowers, chocolate and gifts for someone else go ahead and treat yourself to something special. A facial or massage comes to mind at the moment. Or go ahead and buy those flowers and chocolate for yourself. Valentine's Day is also a nice time to remind or let your family and friends know that you love them. My kids pass out Valentines to their friends at school, I think thats a tradition that should be carried on to adulthood.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day
February 14th is my Hot Chocolate’s birthday (hubby). He’s been dropping hints for a month on what he wanted, so the kids and I have made it happen, and I know he will love his gift. Because it’s his birthday, I’m cool with letting this day be all about him. What is the most romantic thing you have done or has been done for you? – mmmm, I’m having a hard time pulling up one, this must mean my Hot Chocolate needs to pull some more tricks out the bag. But I do remember one Valentines that I planned a weekend getaway for us at the Ritz Carlton - strawberries, roses, NO KIDS – need I say more?